Who Are We As A Team?

We believe that trust, accountability, expertise, experience, honesty & results are real, measurable benchmarks that our clients expect, and deserve. We run a boutique-style business, one that focuses on the quality of every client interaction, that anticipates and meets every need, and that ultimately is measured only by each client’s success. We sweat the big stuff, the small stuff, and everything in between – because that’s our job, and it means something to us. We believe your experience, whether as a Buyer or Seller, should be as seamless as possible, so we offer a complete and integrated set of services – from start to finish project management, to specific market experience, to modern, comprehensive marketing techniques, to sharp and sophisticated negotiation skills – which all align to meet and exceed your goals. With over 65 years of combined experience, we play the long game.  We care. We ensure your best interests are being served at all times, and are deeply invested in every step of your real estate journey, because you deserve it. Testimonials

Meet Adrianne

Adrianne loves what she does, and her clients can feel it – her dedication and commitment to helping clients make great real estate decisions, and achieve personal & financial goals inspires her every day. It’s this passion, paired with experience, honed instincts, and deep personal connections, that fuels her success among the top Brokers on the Toronto Real Estate Board*.
Adrianne grew up in Real Estate, spending weekends at Johanna’s open houses, pitching in at the office, and learning from late night negotiations. After serving demanding corporate clients in the advertising world, she joined the family business almost 20 years ago, and brought her marketing expertise, relentless energy and drive to the team – building on the existing successful Real Estate practice and redefining the way they did business. She built new strategic alliances to deliver better service to our clients, developed airtight processes to ensure an exceptional client experience, and continues to evolve our marketing to take full advantage of emerging trends & technologies while not forgetting “old school” techniques that can’t be beat.
Adrianne entered the real estate market early and has done it all, and that is a tremendous resource for Buyers and Sellers. She’s invested, bought new builds, converted duplexes, renovated with her own two hands, contracted huge professional renovations, bought rural property, dealt with bad and good tenants – and that experience provides invaluable guidance to her clients.

She’s kind of real-estate-obsessed, but when she’s not working, you can find her splitting her time either up at the cottage, hitting up every new patio or restaurant opening in the city, or hopping on a plane for a quick adventure.

Meet Cathy

While raising a family in Unionville, Cathy spent 16 years as a network marketer. Working for Discovery Toys, she built Canada’s leading sales team from scratch. She sold toys, coached, educated, developed networks and helped her team fulfill their own financial and personal objectives.
Cathy had grown up with parents who owned a real estate brokerage. Long before she had her own licence, she could be found in their office, learning the business – from stuffing envelopes to observing complex negotiation skills and discovering how excellent service makes all the difference.
Cathy returned to those roots almost two decades ago, when real estate became her full-time career. She approached it with the same determination and skills she brought to Discovery Toys. With passion and hard work she won the respect and admiration of her clients, who couldn’t stop talking about the excellent service they’d received. She fast became one of Re/Max All-Stars Realty’s most successful individual agents, achieving Titan Status, Hall of Fame and Lifetime Achievement awards. More importantly, her business grew fast because of constant referrals from past clients to family, friends and coworkers.
Cathy is a clear communicator, a careful listener and an excellent problem solver. She’s the negotiator you want on your side of the table when making a deal. Patient, professional and practical, Cathy is also fun to work with! However tough the market, she’s always committed to the success of her clients, whether they’re buying or selling. It’s their happiness that fuels her day.

In her rare spare time, Cathy’s focus is spending time with her family – entertaining, cottaging, driving all over the GTA to try a great new restaurant, and teaching her grandchildren to share her love of baking, boardgames & puzzles.

Meet Johanna

Experience counts, and Johanna has been working in the York Region Real Estate market for over 35 years. For each and every client, she brings to the table a passion for helping people achieve their financial and family dreams, shrewd sales skills, and a dog-on-a-bone determination to make the seemingly impossible happen. With hundreds of satisfied clients, Johanna stands alone.
Her experience has taught her how to handle any delicate scenario, to read any situation, and to apply the most appropriate tactics in the best interest of her clients. She believes that discretion, tact and respect are essential tools to consistently secure optimal outcomes for her clients
If you could picture a combination of hand-holding therapist and hard-nosed negotiator who won’t give up until they bring the deal together, that’s Johanna. It’s why past Clients still call her – 30 years later –and why they recommend her to their kids, grandkids, friends & family.
Working through two recessions and boom and bust markets has given her an invaluable sixth sense for the hidden pitfalls and opportunities in each transaction. Her clients constantly benefit from the diligence and foresight that only thousands of deals in varying markets will teach you.

Meet Felise

When it comes to managing the details of each transaction and our office, Felise has it covered. With over 2 decades of experience in the real estate world, she has done it all – from corporate support roles, to Executive Assisting franchise Owners, to accounting and admin. Formerly the Deal Secretary at Re/Max All Stars head office for 13 years, Felise ensured that every deal that came through the Brokerage was watertight, with every “i” dotted and “t” crossed, and liaised with thousands of law offices & other brokerages.

We were honored to have Felise join the Walker Parker Team in 2020, and today that laser focus keeps our busy team in line, and ensures top quality care for our clients. Felise is dedicated to making sure that our Buyers and Sellers are looked after from first contact to after the deal closes and beyond, and making sure that no detail is overlooked.

When she’s not busy tasking her team into shape or eyeing the fine print of a transaction, you’ll find her teaching violin and piano, or on a hiking trail with her family and beloved mutt Sadie.

Is That All?

Nope. With so many moving parts in play, and a commitment to an exceptional customer experience, Walker Parker Real Estate could not do everything they do without their whole Team. They have behind-the-scenes staff & partners that are essential to their business – from their full-service Brokerage staff, stagers, movers, handymen, painters, storage experts, downsizing specialists, lawyers, mortgage brokers, home inspectors, and other trusted service professionals & tradespeople – Walker Parker Real Estate ensures the right people are available at the right time to meet all of their clients’ needs.

Here Is What Others Say About Us

  • We used Adrianne Parker as our realtor in the sale of our home recently and were extremely satisfied with her. Adrianne went far above and beyond in all stages of the selling process. Not only was she very professional and confident in all aspects of the real estate transactions, she provided ongoing support with our design questions and even personally shopped for many items for the home, including mirrors, curtains and lights. As a result, I would highly recommend her as a realtor and would not hesitate to hire her again!

    - Joanne Carver

  • This team is the best!! We recently finished purchasing a home in TO and were so impressed with Adrianne and Johanna as they exceeded our exceptions in every way. Let me explain further… We met their team at an open house while casually looking at homes in an area where they had several listings. They were so outgoing and nice but also very knowledgeable and honest about their assessment of market, homes in the area and how we might meet our objective to find the home we were looking for. We spent over 2 years with them looking at many different homes and areas and they never once got tired of showing us new homes and areas. When it came time to make an offer to purchase on the “one” and complete our purchase.. this is where they truly shined. Adrianne led the charge for us in this regard and developed a solid offer strategy that worked (we got our price) even though our house of choice as off market. Then once our offer was accepted their team really kicked in to help us close the sale and identified a mortgage broker, lawyer, house inspector and more. They even read all the condo documents and suggested areas we need to review more thoroughly. But this we not all. We are looking to retire to this home in a couple of years and so Adrianne got the house rented and did all the tenant due diligence before the transaction closed. This a a super real estate team and you cannot go wrong working with them. You will have a wonderful experience. I promise – we did.

    - Don and Lisa Nose

  • The Parker team helped my mom sell her home of 20+ years and helped her find a new home after my father passed away. Adrianne and Johanna not only know the real estate market and their specialty areas, they took the time to get to know my mom and myself, anticipate our questions, were detailed in informing us of every detail, were very responsive, have a great network of professionals to refer us to help us with our transactions and are both very kind and generous all along the way. My family is so deeply grateful to Adrianne and Johanna. You would be lucky to have them help you with any of your real estate needs.

    - Grace Churchill

  • Adrianne and Johanna were fabulous to work with.
    They were not our agents but our partners in the sale of our Markham property. They developed some great strategies to sell our home and always included our thoughts in the plans. They were always conscious of our costs and needs and approached every issue with candour and good humour.
    The end result of Adrianne and Johanna’s effort was our home sold in two days, in a slow market, at a price over-asking.

    - Brian Butler

  • At all stages of the process, we felt comfortable speaking honestly and respected and appreciated Johanna & Adrianne’s professionalism.  It was clear that they had our best interests in mind – an enormous comfort when the financial (and emotional!) stakes are high.

    Johanna and Adrianne went above and beyond the call of duty to help us find a temporary home before our new house was ready.  They are a strong and classy team and we will think of them in the future when friends & family are in need of agents.

    - Drew & Angela McNaughton, Markham

  • We recently sold our home and were extremely pleased with the real estate services Adrianne and Johanna provided. Adrianne was very professional, and continuously demonstrated in depth knowledge of the real estate market. We found her to be kind and understanding and always responded quickly to all of our questions and concerns. Adrianne paid careful attention to all the details during the entire process. Our thanks to the Parker Team!

    - Jan and Glenn Scott

  • Adrianne had made buying our first home such a pleasant experience that we didn’t think twice when it came time to sell our house and find a new one. Over a seven month period of searching, she worked hard for us and maintained a professional and positive attitude, even when we changed our minds about what we wanted. More than just marketing our house and doing research on the area, she got to know the people on our street so well that she was able to identify the best potential buyers at our open houses, based on how their goals and personalities matched up with our neighbourhood. From her advice on how to stage our home, to baking cookies, to charming the visitors with her natural enthusiasm, Adrianne got us well over our asking price in just 2 weeks.

    We then needed to get a house within a month. Because she had spent so many months working with us, she recognized the perfect house the moment she saw it, before it was publicly listed. On the offer night, there were 8 ‘bidders’, and her down-to-earth and warm personality helped make our bid the winning one, despite the fact that our offer was almost identical to another.

    Adrianne displays excellent judgment, knowledge and negotiating skills. But what sets her apart from other agents is her passion, her intuition and her true focus. Her goal is simply to find the right solution for her clients. Adrianne will always be successful, because she does what she loves, and she does it for the right reasons. Working with her made us successful, too!”

    - Paul & Melanie Shuebrook

  • Adrianne provided my family with very professional, friendly representation. She made excellent recommendations to get full value for my parents’ home and provided the names of professional contractors. Adrianne also negotiated efficiently on our behalf. I would definitely recommend the Parker team. Thank you!

    - Matthew Harding

  • We couldn’t be happier with Adrianne and Johanna’s efforts in selling our home. Their professionalism, understanding, and warmth made the selling process easy and resulted in great satisfaction with the purchase of our new home. They are extremely knowledgeable of the real estate market and we are grateful for their expertise.

    - Gretchen & Neville Jeens

  • Adrianne is an amazing real estate professional and she works so hard to make every detail count. This was our first home sale – so everything was new to us – but Adrianne took all the guesswork out. She walked us through every step, answered all our endless questions, and ended up selling our home in 36 hours for exactly the price we wanted. I would highly recommend Adrianne – she is top notch!

    - Lisa Hutniak

  • We have been dealing with Johanna and Adrianne Parker for a few years to handle our real estate transactions in purchasing, selling and renting our properties and have been very pleased with the services they provide.  Not only are they professionals in their field but they are conscientious, efficient, trustworthy and ethical agents.

    Johanna and Adrianne have  provided us with consistently high quality service and  followed up on our queries in a timely and efficient manner.  They are always there for you, working on your behalf.

    They seek to understand their client’s requirements and work hard to achieve the best results. Last spring they marketed our home and we were delighted with the final outcome.  There were multiple offers which turned out to be better than the asking price and our home sold in 2 days.

    We highly recommend Johanna and Adrianne and certainly plan to continue doing business with them.”

    - Margaret & Jacques DeMontigny, Markham/Toronto

  • What really stood out about Adrianne is her passion for her work and her love of people. From the first time you meet her, you know she is extremely competent and she is dedicated to guide you through this stressful process to achieve optimal results. Together with Johanna, they are an amazing team.

    - Micheline Gionet

  • These two are the textbook example of how to be the very best Real Agents. Oh my gosh; friendly, kind, delightful, sooo knowledgeable, sooo capable, “on-it”.

    They took care of every imaginable detail. They where proactive on issues and just guided us through the best transaction ever.

    My mother sold her property for the highest price in the history of Swan Lake, Markham! It was done fast & painlessly…

    I can’t tell you how outstanding they both were.

    - Noelle Wheeler

  • Adrianne goes above and beyond as an agent. She assisted me with the purchase of my first condo in the insane Toronto market. She is smart, knowledgeable and took the time to listen to my needs and worked hard to find me the perfect space. She is thoughtful, considerate and well organized. She spent an incredible amount of time with me and my personal search. And although she has countless clients who trust in her to do the same for them, made me feel that my search was truly important to her as if I were her only client. She took the stress out of buying a home and made the whole process fun.

    Buying your first place can be overwhelming, but with the guidance of a true professional (like Adrianne) who knows the market inside-and-out, anything is possible.

    - Laura DiPede

  • What a daunting thought to actually try and find a Real Estate person in a large city with whom one might be able to find empathy during the trial(s) of making the necessary decisions which include
    the re-shaping of the existing space that one has lived in for over 23 years!

    Through a mutual friend who promised that this gal (Adrianne) would never be ‘pushy’ or ‘in your face’ or ‘misleading’ I finally made the phone call outlining what I could NOT have…and what our needs actually were.

    I am beyond impressed with Adrienne’s flair for “knowing” her clients so intimately by just listening and a careful and non-invasive walk-through  the space to be sold.  Her great smile put me at ease instantly when I opened the  door to the stranger who was going to be responsible for the next step(s) in our lives.  We were moving to the country and that meant many good-byes….

    Her genuine smile, her presence that exuded confidence and calm throughout the necessary negotiations that oft times became quite “tense” right down to the final signatures on the SOLD documents that concluded the financial aspect of our relationship has permitted me to never hesitate to support and promote contacting Adrianne and her team of extremely attentive professionals
    in any of their Real Estate needs.

    SHE is a STAR for us … We are grateful to have traveled that path with Adrianne Parker and Re/Max All-Stars.

    David, Maureen and Casey
    The Rowed Family

    - David, Maureen and Casey

  • The Parker Team was AWESOME. Johanna and Adrianne were awesome every step of the way. They laid out a plan to sell our home and executed it flawlessly. Our house sold with in days of the MLS listing and for very close to asking because the Parker Team employ proactive marketing to find buyers. Always thinking outside the box they provided advice and direction. Communication with us was always prompt and their recommendations were top notch. Thank you Parker Team for a flawless, stress-free experience. You can’t go wrong with these professionals.

    - Paul MacDonald

  • - Issam Majeed

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